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5 Amazing Benefits of Basil (Sabja) Seeds

There has been some dabble into the up and coming popular basil seeds (that resemble chia seeds), in that they may help control blood sugar in people with type 2 diabetes (according to the Sutter Gould Medical Foundation). Why is this so? Basil seeds seem to help the controlling of blood sugar in test subjects, and in dieters, it has the potential to help reduce appetite and food cravings and to keep weight loss efforts on track. There are great claims that basil seed drinks help with weight loss, but lacking in sufficient research, these claims have yet to solidify just yet. In Asian countries, such as Thailand, basil seeds are made into a drink, and stores sell these drinks in cans. The intact seeds, combined with water, sugar, honey and sometimes coconut milk, create a thick drink with a consistency similar to tapioca. The traditional recipes, however, are high in sugar. Also in Asia, it is the main ingredient in Italian cuisines.

Seeds provide concentrated nutrition and fiber. All the ingredients needed for plant germination are present in the seed, including carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and fat. Many seeds provide nutrition, flavor and texture in a balanced diet, including poppy, sunflower, pumpkin and sesame seeds. Studies show that it provides a wide range of health benefits, from treating nausea to indigestion, diabetes, constipation, respiratory problems and so forth. There are additional health benefits people can get from adding basil seeds into their nutrition.

1. Aids in digestion

Basil seeds are commonly used to provide relief from stomach upset. Due to its carminative effects, it is effective for treating digestive disorders such as stomach cramps, flatulence, constipation, irregular bowel movements and indigestion.

2. Treats colds

Another benefit of basil seeds is that they also provide relief from influenza, fever and cold. Since it has antispasmodic effects, it can help treat whooping cough. In fact, tulsi is the main ingredient in many expectorants and cough syrups.

3. Cures respiratory disorders

The herb is useful in the cure of respiratory disease, according to recent studies. A mixture of the herb, with ginger and honey is a remedy for asthma, cough, cold, influenza and bronchitis. Simply boil it in a glass of water and consume it.

4. Stress reliever

Consumption of basil seeds has an uplifting effect on your mood and thus is beneficial for relieving mental fatigue, nervous tension, melancholy, depression and migraine. Due to its calming effect, it is commonly used for aromatherapy purposes, giving you clarity and mental strength.

5. Good for skin infections

Basil seeds are crushed into oil to help in treating infections such as wounds, cuts, bladder infections, skin infections and so forth.

There is no evidence whatsoever that basil seeds have undesirable side effects. However, you should consult your doctor before you consume them, especially if you are on medication.

Nutrition and Recipes

One canned basil seed drink sold in the United States contains 96 calories, 21 g carbohydrates, 21 g sugars and 2 g of fiber. Because of the swollen seeds and their fiber, the drink may curb hunger.

How to prepare basil seeds:

Put 2 tsp. of basil seeds to 1/2 cup - 1 cup of warm water or liquid of your choice. If you want more concentrated of a flavor, drain excess water out after swelling the basil seeds with plain water. The warm water (not boiling) helps to fully swell the basil seeds, releasing antioxidants and digestive enzymes. Allow the mixture to stand for at least 2 minutes with the warm water/liquid to give the seeds time to absorb water and take on a gelatinous-tapioca like texture.


Desserts as well as frozen, canned and fresh drinks containing basil seeds are available in parts of Asian and at restaurants and stores in the United States. Suppliers sell basil seeds by mail for making basil seed drinks. A Thai version of a basil seed drink uses seeds from sweet basil. Other types of basil seeds include hairy basil seeds, holy basil seeds and Thai basil seeds.


The gelatinous texture of the swollen basil seeds makes a filling drink, which could help to curb your appetite if you consume it before meals. Making your own basil seed drink with an alternative sweetener reduces the calories from sugar. Basil seeds also have potential for creating a textured dessert, as an alternative to tapioca pudding — a treat on a calorie-restricted diet.

The most effective means of weight loss remains the basic strategy of burning off more calories than you consume. Basil seeds may help you to feel full on fewer calories. Tracking how much you eat and counting calories is the best way to stay on track. Insufficient scientific information is currently available with respect to the effect of basil seeds on weight loss.


Small children could choke on the swollen seeds. When I say choke, it is because if the seeds are not mixed with enough water, the mixture will be very clumpy. Because many people (especially children) do not chew when drinking a liquid, thick clumps or some-what-tapioca like seeds may cause a risk for swallowing. Basil seeds and basil seed drinks should be kept out of reach of children and supervised when consuming. Commercial basil seeds sold for gardening may be treated with pesticides and fungicides — these should not be used for drinks.

People with diabetes or hypoglycemia should avoid the heavily sugared traditional recipes. Alternative sweeteners, such as agave, raw stevia or a sweetener approved by your doctor provide options for creating a less sugary basil seed drink.

How to obtain basil seeds:

Let the basil flower bloom, then wither and turn dry. If you look up from below, you will see tiny black seeds attached to the dry flower pods. Rembmer, wait until the flower is dried, then cut them out, put them in a plastic bag and shake it. The seeds will be nicely collected in the bag. If some of the seeds refuse to detach from the flower, it might mean that they are not fully matured.

For additional recipes, please read: http://www.truthnhealth.com/2013/04/basil-seed-drink-recipies-and-its-cooling-effect/

Source: Livestrong.com

104 Responses so far.

  1. Alice says:

    Dear Dr. Nancy,

    Hi. I’ve read your article regarding basil seed benefits. Is basil seed oil from soaked basil seeds going to be absorbed into our body by our small intestine? I know flax seed oil cannot be absorbed by our system if we consume flax seeds with hulls. Is soaked basil seed going to be the same? Looking forward for your reply. Many thanks.


    • Dr. Nancy says:

      Hi Alice! Unlike whole flax seeds with hulls, basil seeds are absorbed into the body and delivers the good fats (unsaturated fatty acids), as well as can helps in boosting the metabolism, regulating physiological function and strength, reducing fatigue, and reduces cholesterol, and fat absorption in the body. Though every “body” is different in the time of food utilitzation and absorption, for most people, basil seeds are very well received into the body. It is a great addition to most anyone’s diet and can also help to reverse heart disease, stroke, and high blood pressure. By soaking the seeds in hot or warm water before consumption, the body can process, utilize and digest the great benefits of the seed better.

  2. Alice says:

    Dear Dr. Nancy,

    Thank you for your reply. Where can I find the food composition for dried basil seed? Only food composition of dried basil (leave) can be found in USDA Nutrient data lab. Please kindly send any reference source to me via email if you have any.

    Is basil seed same as chia seed that you mention on the other article? http://www.truthnhealth.com/2011/10/superfood-chia-seeds/
    Food composition of dried chia seed can be found in USDA nutrition database. =)

    Many thanks.

  3. Dipu says:

    How long do i have to soak the basil seeds before i can consume to get the best benefit.

  4. Kushal Patel says:

    Doctor Nancy,
    Does it mean if we take a tea spoon of basil seeds and soak it all night, and have it once a day daily, it is not good??

    And my main reason to have is because my body internally is too worm, so I heard it is a good way to keep it little cool from inside.

    Thanking you in advance,
    Kushal Patel.

    • Dr. Nancy says:

      Hello Kushal,
      Most foods begin to oxidate as soon as it is activated/exposed with oxygen or water. Basil seeds, like many tea leaves have the most beneficial anti-oxidant healing powers very soon after it has steeped with hot/warm water (around 7-10 minutes). When you state that your body is “too warm” I am assuming you mean in the context of Chinese/Eastern Medicine terms? Too much of any type of foods (cold and warm yielding) may throw the body off of balance. If you take basil seeds two to three times a week, I do not see it harming your body or health but having wonderful benefits.

      Dr. Nancy

  5. safdar says:

    What are the benefits of basil seeds using with yogurt?
    Kindly help me.

    • Dr. Nancy says:

      Hello Safdar. Best absorption into the body is consumed with warm water. While live, probiotics in yogurt (minus the artificial sugars and sweeteners, including honey), yogurts such as greek yogurt or kefir are fine to consume a 15-20 min before or after drinking/chewing the basil seeds.

      Dr. Nancy

  6. cugeno says:

    Hi Dr. Nancy,

    We just tried basil seeds for the first time at lunch today, and they are terrific. However, after seeing the size of the actual seeds, the warning in your blog post made me chuckle a bit. The only choking hazard that one of these little things could pose for children might occur if one of my kids was roughly the size of a Polly Pockets doll. I understand the litigious nature of society, and why such things are necessary, but these are pretty tiny seeds… even when swollen! Thanks for the information about these seeds, I am sure that we will be using them frequently.

    • Dr. Nancy says:

      Thank you for reading the basil seed article. The choking warning refers to people who do not add enough water to the basil seed ratio and comes out with a thicker, chunkier, “globbier” (if that makes sense) substance, and tries to consume the mixture without proper chewing, or consuming too fast. Hope that clarifies the choking warning!

      Dr. Nancy

  7. kallaya says:

    put swollen basil seed in milk so amazing breakfast, Thai people used as weight control food.

  8. Ramesh Chander says:

    Thank U very much for the information.

  9. Thuy says:

    Hi there, are the health benefits of basil seeds and chia seeds comparable? Thank you!

    • Dr. Nancy says:

      There are a few differences between basil (sabja seeds) and chia seeds, though the seeds do look similiar in size. Basil (sabja) seeds are very dark black in color and chia seeds have a greyish look. When they are both soaked in water for 5 minutes, only the basil seeds begin to fully plump and swell up. Chia seeds will do so, but it takes many hours and still do not have the fun, tapioca texture when chewed, as basil seeds do. They taste very similar (bland), unless flavored in a liquid mixture or with sweetener added to it. As far as the nutrition make up of both seeds, basil seeds yields a little more carbohydrates than chia, a little less fat than chia, and a little less protein than chia.

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  11. Rita hartono says:

    Whats the difference between basil seed and chia seed? They look alike

    • Dr. Nancy says:

      There are a few differences, though the seeds do look similiar in size. Basil (sabja) seeds are very dark black in color and chia seeds have a greyish look. When they are both soaked in water for 5 minutes, only the basil seeds begin to fully plump and swell up. Chia seeds will do so, but it takes many hours and still do not have the fun, tapioca texture when chewed, as basil seeds do. They taste very similar (bland), unless flavored in a liquid mixture or with sweetener added to it. As far as the nutrition make up of both seeds, basil seeds yields a little more carbohydrates than chia, a little less fat than chia, and a little less protein than chia.

  12. Mariyam says:

    Thank you for such are great information i like it very much

  13. mohan says:

    is it causes for kindny stones or reanl caliculy
    any disadvetages from this seeds

  14. santoshi says:

    my husband has the habit of taking basil seeds with warm water before going to bed on daily basis. does it have any side effects such as choking?

    • Dr. Nancy says:

      I would wait about 20 min before going to bed just to allow food/mixture to settle. It does not pose as a choking hazzard, however. Cycling a few days off of the basil seeds is also wise. Moderation is key, even for beneficial foods.

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  16. nikitha says:

    will u please suggest me some recipies for consuming basil seeds as it reduces heat in our body
    can basil seeds be consumed along with honey..??

  17. [...] food. For those who have read the article, 5 Amazing Benefits of Basil Seeds (Sabja Seeds) http://www.truthnhealth.com/2011/10/5-amazing-benefits-of-basil-seeds/, you already know that basil seeds improve digestion, boosts immune system, combats stress, aids in [...]

  18. I like your post about basil seeds. one of basil seeds are very popular in Taiwan, you may find that in restaurant, they are making to lemon with honey and basil seeds drink. So delicious!
    When I saw Chia seeds in LA., I thought that is basil seeds. After I read your article, now I knew what’s different between them.
    Thank you for your information.

  19. rupali says:

    Hi dr.Nancy,
    How to take this basil seeds for constipation.
    Please guide me. Also is this help for wt.loss.

    • Dr. Nancy says:

      Hi Rupali,
      The best way to take basil seeds for constipation is to drink ample amounts of water throughout the day and foods rich in water content and fiber (all vegetables. . . not white potatoes, and most fruits). Eliminate any meats from your diet. Have a drink of basil seeds once or twice a day, but with a lot of water. Add lemon, ginger and maple syrup or honey. Make sure you are getting frequent body movement and exercise every day. Try to engage in stress reducing activities, as well (meditation, walking, even musical appreciation). Make sure you are getting deep sleep. With all of these different factors taken in together, your digestion/elimination will improve and weight loss should follow.
      Dr. Nancy

  20. Nina Nichy says:

    I’ve had a sealed packet of seeds (takmuriya) in my cabinet for about 2 years.
    Are they still usable?

    • Dr. Nancy says:

      As long as the seeds were stored in a dry and cool place, in a sealed packet void of oxygen, it is fine for 2 years. The best test is to soak them in hot/warm water and wait for them to swell up. If they do not swell up right, or if they have been exposed to dampness or heat (especially in a plastic container), you should re-consider consuming them.

  21. Celina says:

    Dear Dr. Nancy
    I face gas problem. Even when i eat properly, every day i have to face this problem. I have observed that up till afternoon my stomach is good but by eve gas formation starts and continues till night. I have tried many things like drinking jeera water or eating hajmola, eating my food slowly, eating sabja, eating small proportion of food after every 2 hours. but nothing has helped.I am really fed up. It is quite embrassing to pass the gas. Sometimes due to sever gas i get chest pain. Acidity is also the main problem that is troubling me. Before I used to suffer from constipation but now a days i drink lots of water in the morning & hence there is no issue now. But gas problem is there & it irritates me a lot. Please Suggest me something that can improve my digestion & give me permanent relief from Gas. I drink 3 to 4 liters of every day. Waiting for your reply.


    • Dr. Nancy says:

      Are your gas problems from eating sabja/basil seeds? There are many reasons for gastro-intestinal problems (food combining, food intolerance, low stomach/digestive enzymes, drinking carbonated beverages, even chewing gum . . . etc). For starters, look at your diet and try to eliminate foods that combine animal protein and sugars/carbohydrates, or dairy and protein. Please email me at dr.nancy@truthNhealth.com for further information/assistance.

  22. priya says:

    Where can i find sabja seeds

    • Dr. Nancy says:

      Most Asian markets in North America will carry them, otherwise you will have to go on line and purchase them from internet sites or from overseas. You can always harvest them yourselves from the basil plant, though the procedure can be time consuming.

  23. Prasad says:

    How much omega 3 fatty acids are present in 28 grams of basil seeds please.
    As compared to chia , does basil seed has more or less omega 3 fatty acids?

    • Dr. Nancy says:

      Chia seeds have about 4,000 mg of omega-3 per 1 oz, as compared to less than 200 mg per oz of basil seeds. The fresh basil plant has 16 mg of omega 3 per 2 tsp.

  24. Maha says:

    Plz dear tel me the right way..sumbdy told me if I take half teaspoon og flexseed powder n halfteaspoon of basil seed powder with sum water in the morning before breakfast daily..so itz good temdy for high blood pressure,cholestrol n sugar?

    • Dr. Nancy says:

      It is a very good remedy, adding flaxseed with basil seeds in the morning with breakfast. I would also incorporate exercising daily, meditation and a wholesome diet of vegetables at every meal.

  25. Dr.Narottam Bilkhiwal says:

    Hello Dr.Nancy

    Can we separate this gelatinous substance or can we get this gelatinous material in powder form.

    • Dr. Nancy says:

      I am unaware of any powder form, but I would not be surprised if I did see something of this sort on the market. I assume people can dry swollen basil seeds and then grind into powder form? May be a good experiment for you to try. Why the interest in powder form?

  26. Ramu says:

    In case of diabetic patients (Type-II) how these seeds useful for this disease, any precautions like dosing we should have to follow for diabetic patients.
    Any Seeds grades are available in the market.

    • Dr. Nancy says:

      Basil seeds are very helpful for people with type 2 diabetes. I suggest to purchase from a name brand or one that you trust. Organic is best. Up to 2 tablespoons a day is suggested with a mostly plant and vegetarian diet. Also daily exercise and stress management is recommended.

  27. Sana says:

    Dear dr
    Basil seeds are widely n easily available where I live. I just wanted to ask can i consume a basil seed drink ( water, honey and basil seeds ) everyday? Are there any adverse effects? Secondly what is the recommended dose of basil seeds? Please suggest in tablespoons it’s easier to measure that way. Thank you.

    • Dr. Nancy says:

      Daily consumption of basil seed drink is fine, as long as you do not see adverse effects (if you are not allergic). Every person is different, so the recommended dose will depend on your needs. If you are not suffering from any gastrointestinal problems, once a day (up to 2 tablespoons) is fine.

  28. Wendy says:

    So drinking too much basil seed is bad for you?

    • Dr. Nancy says:

      I strongly believe that drinking too much of anything (even water) is not good for the system. Balance is the key. Basil seed drinks once a day is suitable for the average person.

  29. Raza says:

    Dear all . I am pesonaly used basil seed in the morning time with yogurt. I have panic pain (hut as pin). After feel better.

  30. Prasad says:

    Are tulsi(Indian basil) and sabja seed same? I am confused.please clarify.could you provide comparative nutrition data if they are two different seeds?
    Thank you

    • Dr. Nancy says:

      Sabja is a type of Tulasi seed and is used in Aryuvedic medicine. These are the seeds of sweet basil (also known as Thai Holy Basil).

  31. Minnu says:

    Hi Dr. Nancy,

    Do the sabja seeds help in curing irregular periods problem?

    • Dr. Nancy says:

      Basil imitates natural estrogen and can be used to help regulate menstrual periods, but I would also suggest adding foods high in magnesium, calcium (Greek yogurt, tofu, kale, salmon and broccoli or flax/hemp/almond/rice milk), Vitamin E and drink hydrate well. Stay away from processed, fried, sugar laden, alcohol, caffeinated and carbonated foods.

  32. Prasad says:

    What is your opinion on chia seeds, dr.nancy?
    Are they really effective in helping to prevent heart ,diabetes,skin,artho,problems?
    Please advise

  33. Rachna says:

    What is chia called in hindi?

    • Dr. Nancy says:

      There is a lot of confusing information on the web regarding exactly what basil seeds and chia seeds are called. Many people call Basil Seeds (Holy Basil, Sweet Basil or Holy Thai Basil). They also call Basil Seeds Sabja seeds, and many call Chia seeds, Sabja seeds as well. Sabja Seeds is another name for Basil seeds. Also, Salba Seeds, or Salvia Hispanica are used to name Basil Seeds. Falooda is the name of a drink in India where Basil Seeds are placed into a sweet drink. The markets today use Sabja interchangeably, which makes it more confusing. These are all Tulasi seeds. They all swell up in liquids, have a lot of fiber and nutrients and aid in hydration.

  34. Angie says:

    Hi Dr Nancy
    is it alright to mix basil seeds into my green tea leave drink ?
    I do not like sweet stuff n love green / chinese tea, pls advise

    • Dr. Nancy says:

      Yes, it is fine. I do, however, suggest that you try drinking basil seeds in a non-diuretic liquid (not in coffee, tea or sodas). The best would be fresh coconut water or with aloe vera juice. Matcha green tea is better than regular green tea because of the antioxidants and phytonutrients (even though it is a tea).

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  36. manoj says:

    my age is 35 and my height is 5.11inch and my weight is 53 kgs from past 15 years….. i want to know do sabja seeds powder taken in morning with milk helps in increasing weight….

    • Dr. Nancy says:

      Hello Manoj, there is not one solitary food that increases weight. There are many factors. How is your activity level? What are you also eating throughout the day? What is your work schedule demand and stress level? Do you sleep well at night? All of these are factors to consider when looking at weight gain/loss. Sabja seeds/powder are very nutritious and even taken with milk (my suggestion is to take it with dairy alternative or clear liquid), it is highly unlikely the cause of gradual weight gain.

  37. Brian says:

    Dear Dr Nancy,

    I want to creat a nice drink from basil seeds but some of my friends says,most of them do not like to take these seeds coz it will stay in your body ,later will give pain,

    Can you you explain please how these seeds work inside the human body ?
    is it true these seeds are collecting in the system?
    it these seeds are passing out from the body?
    Will there be stone issues in the side the body?

    looking forward to hearing from you soon,please e mail me


    • Dr. Nancy says:

      Every person’s digestive tract and rate of digestion is different. It is known that seeds are not as readily to break down (due to physical chemical structure of them) in the digestive tract as say. They were evolved to be indigestible, because Mother Nature wanted animals to swallow the fruit filled with seeds and “deposit” the seeds in the midst of some “fertilizer”. The seed would then sprout into a new plant. Seeds are packed with concentrated vitamins and minerals, however, making many of them very beneficial to consume for all animals.

      The average adult person has only 2-3 bowel movements a week. This is mentioned to illustrate that everyone, depending on body constitution, history of digestive and enzyme problems or current physical state, is different. If someone is ingesting 3-4 servings of basil seeds a day with little water, the seeds may tend to stay in the body system a little bit longer than someone who only takes 1-2 servings a day with plenty of liquids to follow. Eating meat and white processed foods can also slow digestive tract down compared to a vegetarian that only juices and eats raw foods.

      Basil seeds are filled with fiber, so in the digestive tract, it will clench onto other food particles and masses and help them down the tract to be eliminated. There is a bigger worry of animal products being stuck inside the digestive tract (at least a few days, in which it begins to turn rancid) than healthy basil seeds. Your best bet is to eliminate meats and continue with the basil seeds, drink plenty of water through out your every day, exercise regularly and eat plenty of seasonal and organic fruits and vegetables!

  38. Ramon says:

    Hi Dr.


    My age is 36 and my weight is 63 kgs. I have been gymming on and off and I am lean with not much of muscle.

    I have developed belly fat during past few years. If I do cardio, I loose weight n get more lean and skinny. It’s very annoying to have developed belly fat with a lean body.

    Kindly advice if consumption of basil seeds would help removing that fat and if yes, then in how much quantity it should be consumed.

    Thanks and Regards,

    • Dr. Nancy says:

      A well-rounded and consistent lifestyle will be best to keep that stubborn belly fat from developing year after year. After the 30′s, both men and women begin to slow down body metabolism. That is natural. Stress is a great all-time-teller for unknown weight gain. Keep your stress at bay by meditating, taking up a physical or mind relaxing hobby, and exercise regularly. Basil seeds are just one small component of a beneficial supplement that may or may not help with body fat. If you have access to it, then great. Take it once to two times a day (2 tsp each time in 8oz liquid of your choice) and enjoy it in a PH balancing drink (with lemon, ginger or coconut water). Make sure you get enough rest (people who sleep less will tend to gain more weight), and eat fresh, wholesome foods.

  39. Sunil says:

    Dear Doc.

    Shall I take the Basil seeds of recommended qty at early morning after regular exercise i.e., in empty stomach.

    Pls advice

    • Dr. Nancy says:

      I suggest to have basil seeds (2 tsp) in warm water or liquid of your choice with any meals (up to 2 meals daily). They help to move the food along the digestive tract, absorb unwanted fat, and help your body absorb the beneficial nutrients better than on an empty stomach. Too much, however, may result in constipation, so know your body and listen to how it reacts to the use of basil seeds.

  40. Ryno says:

    Hi There,

    I would like to know whether it is possible to swallow the dry black seeds with water and whether it would have the same beneficial effects.? I struggle to consume anything with the swollen texture as what basil seeds have when soaked in warm water or tapioca or caviar. Is it possible to drink the dry seeds on a teaspoon with water?

    Silly request I know, but I hope you would be able to offer me some information?


    PS – Great Article

    • Dr. Nancy says:

      To best benefit from basil seeds, take as it is instructed (after swelling in warm water). Just like flax seeds and similar other beneficial seeds, if they are not activated through water or grinding into powder that is easily absorbed and digested in the internal systems of the digestive tract, big benefits will be either null or close to none. You will see the entire seeds (basil, including) come out the other end without ever being broken down and absorbed into the body. Additionally, you will decrease the risk of choking if you soak in appropriate amounts of liquid prior to consumption. My suggestions is to find a flavor you like and mix it in. If you truly cannot down the substance due to texture distaste, aim for a supplement or superfood that you DO like.

      Dr. Nancy

  41. princi says:

    I have started taking basil seeds soaked in water overnight for lowering body heat causing heat boils n pimples. My question is can I take them on daily basis, one teaspoon. My second n important concern is, I find really difficult to chew them due to their jelly nature. Is it fine if I swallow them? Will it still cause the same cooling effect if I swallow them?

    • Dr. Nancy says:

      Yes, you can eat them daily. Mimic chewing when you drink them. Either eat with an small piece of apple or try to chew the seeds a little before swallowing. This will signal the digestive enzymes in the GI and stomach to start secretion.

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  43. Gauri says:

    Dear Dr,
    My husband has kidney stone. Is it suitable for him to take basil seeds drink? His age is 38 and he is having other problems like gas,constipation,High BP, Heat in a body.

    • Dr. Nancy says:

      Do you know which predominate type of kidney stones your husband has? Are they calcium stones, cystine stones, struvite stones or uric stones? Diets to prevent and rid your husband’s body of these stones are specific to each of these stones. Yes, taking basil seeds will help the overall body functioning of most people who consume them, but there are bigger factors at play here for your husband. Avoiding sugar (especially sugary drinks), taking enough magnesium, drinking plenty of clean water, avoiding soy foods and consuming calcium rich foods (that do not have too many oxalates) is key.

  44. anjum says:

    Dr Nancy,

    Please let me know if I can get the similar health benefits by taking Bsils seeds instead of chia seeds.

  45. Raj says:

    Dear Dr. Nancy,
    I recently drink a coup of juice mixed in sabja seed. is it good for lowering triglycerides. I am having high triglycerides over 300. now not started any medicines, but I an curious to hear about sabja seeds for lowering triglycerides. please help me in this case I am really grateful to see your reply.

    • Dr. Nancy says:

      Consuming sabja seeds will help in lowering triglycerides. Other foods to consume on a daily basis is those with high amounts of Omega 3′s. Choose non-GMO soy products (tofu, edemame, tempeh), fresh and wild caught salmon, assorted nuts (walnuts, almonds) and plenty of non-processed (no sugar added) and wholesome foods. Keep your body moving (exercise more days than none), get restful sleep and reduce stress levels.

      Good Luck!

  46. Sneha says:

    Dear doctor,
    I am in my second trimester and would like to know if having basil seeds wold be a problem. Thank you

    • Dr. Nancy says:

      Hello Sneha. Congrats on reaching second trimester! Taking basil seeds during pregnancy is fine. One serving a few times a week is what I suggest. Also, try to obtain organic basil seeds if possible to minimize pesticides and other contaminants. If you cannot find organic basil seeds, consuming organic chia seeds a few times a day is also very beneficial for you and growing baby! Cheers!

  47. Manal says:

    Hello Dr.

    i am a flight attendant and i was told by a flew crew from thailand that adding sabja seeds into a big bottle of water and drinking it during the flight is very useful and also helps with the immune system? How true is that info?
    I have been drinking it for the past week on daily basis an entire bottle 1.5 liter of water with around 3 spoons of the seeds added..
    Any advice?
    As a cabin crew we need to stay healthy and protected all the time. So any information you can provide will be much appreciated.

    Many thanks

    • Dr. Nancy says:

      Hello Manal! Keeping optimum health in and out of the air is extremely important! There are many additional beneficial factors one can do to optimize the immune system (besides taking a few teaspoons of basil seeds, that is also beneficial). I recommend using medical grade essential oils to boost immunity and also alkaline body. Get 8-10 hours of quality sleep every night. Eat whole and green foods. Cut out alcohol, cigarettes and negative stress. Practice deep breathing or yoga. Aside from these simple tips, consume basil seeds and other healthy omega 3 rich seeds, nuts, foods and oils. Good Luck!

  48. Dimple says:

    Hi Doctor, can you please tell me whether it is safe to eat sabja seeds during periods? My grand mother is highly opposing it. Saying, it should not be eaten by young girls and boys, according to her it affects fertility. I know it sounds ridiculous but better safe then sorry. Please help me clear these doubts. Is it safe to eat one teaspoon of sabja seeds daily?


  49. Yik Sook Han says:

    Dr, can i know where u get the sources for the page? I need it for my assignment. Thanks

  50. rajadeepa says:

    Dear Nancy,

    I am having hypothyrodism. Can i use this basil seeds. Please help me out?

    Thank you very much



  51. rajadeepa says:

    Dear Doctor Nancy

    I am having hypothyrodism. Can i use this basil seeds.

    What should be my daily consumption.

    Please help me out?

    Thank you very much



  52. Kusum says:

    Hello Dr. I would like to know that if

    1)1 tb. spoon of Sabja Seeds &/or Asario seeds are given to a girl daily, will it cause infertility in that girl?

    2)Can Sabja seeds & / or Asario seeds be given to a person who is taking Thyronorm 25 to keep thyroid inder control?

    3)Can Sabja Seeds & / or Asario seeds grounded to powder form & that powder be given with water to a person who can not eat these seeds when soaked in water or any liquid?

    For How much time Sabja seeds to be soaked in water & for how much time Asario seeds to be soaked in water before consuming it?

    Proper & indetail reply is awaited.

  53. Kusum says:

    Hello Dr. I would like to know that if

    1)1 tb. spoon of Sabja Seeds &/or Asario seeds are given to a girl daily, will it cause infertility in that girl?

    2)Can Sabja seeds & / or Asario seeds be given to a person who is taking Thyronorm 25 to keep thyroid inder control?

    3)Can Sabja Seeds & / or Asario seeds grounded to powder form & that powder be given with water to a person who can not eat these seeds when soaked in water or any liquid?

    For How much time Sabja seeds to be soaked in water & for how much time Asario seeds to be soaked in water before consuming it?

    Proper & indetail reply is awaited.


  54. Husna says:


    I’m 28 weeks pregnant and I ate falooda yesterday at about 3pm. I didnt know what falooda was when I bought it.
    I got to go to toilet about 7 times within the last 18 hours. It’s about 9am now.

    I think the amount I ate falooda caused it. It was presented in 10oz cup and I might have had a little more than 3 cups.

    I can see the seeds out the other end, but the gel seems to disperse covering the vermicelli which some come out undigested as well.

    I can feel the urge going to toilet is disappearing for the past 3 hours.
    I drank room temperature water about 2 litters during this toilet session and I’m continuing taking water.

    Should I go to get myself check?

    I am not really worry as I don’t think I have any contractions, but I don’t know if this can be classified as food poisoning.


    • Dr. Nancy says:

      When in doubt, seek your professional healthcare provider for advice. If you choose not to, I would replace electrolytes via coconut water, natural sports drink, water with lemons and limes at room temperature and stay with a bland, no oil or animal protein diet until trips to the bathroom subside. If you have essential oils, use therapeutic grade peppermint oil or ginger oil internally. Eat your probiotics and rest at an inclined position.

  55. sana says:

    hi i m sana.dr i want asking that the basil seeed is good for fertilition or not?it may be help in conciving or not?

  56. […] a sweet run on the palate and a dry finish. For the build, I decided to incorporate reconstituted basil seeds. You can pick up basil seeds packages at any local Asian market but in NOLA, I always head out to […]

  57. prats says:

    Hi, Dr. Nancy, me and my husband are in fitness indudtry so we both consume a lot of protein foods like protein shakes, eggs, chicken, etc. So in order to reduce body heat and add fibre to diet I wanted to start taking basil seeds in milk. But someone told me that basil seds reduce the sperm count in men. Can you please guide me whether they are suggested to be consumed by my husband as well. Thankyou.

    • Dr. Nancy says:

      Though human studies have not confirmed such results (and animals and humans react differently to laboratory tests. . . There was a clinical research conducted by the International Journal of Ayurveda in 2010 that found holy basil seeds in high doses did lower sperm count in rabbits and mice. This was evident when the laboratory rabbits showed a temporary reduction of the formation of new sperm and a decrease in the amount of sperm and their motility in mice (according to Drugs.com).

      I say moderation should be fine. Not over-doing it. Testosterone, estrogen mimickers and stress are more telling than consuming your occasional basil seed.

  58. Kartheek says:

    is the seeds helpful to reduces the body heat..??

  59. Karthikeya says:

    Is the seeds reduces the body heat..??

  60. sravz says:

    Hi …i’m suffering from acidity and constipation problems…..can i take the basil seeds daily ???and what is the suggested dosage???

  61. sravz says:

    Thanx alot…….can i consume both flax and basil seeds daily……dosage of one teaspoon per day????

    • Dr. Nancy says:

      I suggest you stay to a mostly plant based diet with as little animal meat and processed grains (until your constipation is under control). You can consume basil seeds and flax (2 tsp) daily for added benefit, but drink plenty of water and also get lots of body movement (10,000 steps each day) or do yoga.

  62. Nandan says:

    Hello Dr.Nancy,
    I am 16 yrs old and my height is 5.1 only.Do basil seeds help in height increase?

  63. Nandan says:

    Dr. Nancy,
    I am 16 yrs old but my height is only 5.1 inches.Do basil seeds soaked in water & drunk help in height increase ?

    • Dr. Nancy says:

      Most people will continue to grow vertically until around 25 years old. I think proper diet, nutrition, sleep education and body movement is your top concerns and your body will grow into exactly what it should be. No one food will guarantee that. :)

  64. Dr. Nancy says:

    Yes you can! They will give you great energy and help with digestion! I recommend, depending on the type of food alteration/diet, to becareful not to rely too heavily on ONE supplement or food to give you the end all desired goal. Remember it takes a holistic approach to optimal health and wellness. I would recommend drinking basil seeds 3-5 times a week with plent of water and alkaline foods.
    Dr. Nancy

  65. anjum says:


  66. prats says:

    Thankyou Dr . Nancy

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